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Posted on December 28th, 2007 in Uncategorized.

Just about everyone has already made their plans for New Year’s Eve, but how many of you have looked beyond ringing in 2008? Here are some suggestions, all of which will take place in Portland in the first month of the new year.

The famous “Blue Man Group” will recreate its splashy Las Vegas review at Portland’s Rose Garden on Saturday, Jan. 26. With a show titled “How to Be a MegaStar,” the famous troupe, backed by deafening percussion, features some audience participation,
with one soul covered in paint and used as a brush as part of the overall buffoonery.

On Sunday, Jan. 27., the Crystal Ballroom will celebrate its 94th birthday with a free musical extravaganza, from DJ beats to gypsy melodies.

Jan. 27 also marks the beginning of the Japanese New Year. There’s a festival that embraces the “Year of the Rat,” with taiko drumming, storytelling and native dance in a celebration of good health and prosperity in the days ahead.

The Portland International Auto Show runs from Jan. 24-27 at the Oregon Convention Center. Gearheads and just plain fans of cool rides take notice.

From Jan. 17-21, some 3,000 dogs of all types, sizes and breeds (150 varieties in all) will strut their stuff at the Rose City Classic Dog Show at Portland’s Expo Center. Which canine will reign as “Best in Show,” in front of cameras from “Animal Planet,” on hand to film the competition for later broadcast?

The Fulton House is just minutes away from all the venues, by car or by public transportation caught one block away. Make your reservations now, before we fill up.


Portland Oregon Lodging: What's Right for You

Posted on December 23rd, 2007 in Uncategorized.

Portland Oregon Lodging: What’s Right for You


Posted on December 12th, 2007 in Uncategorized.

During the past week, much of the national weather news centered on the Pacific Northwest. First, it was torrential rains and hurricane-force winds, then severe flooding that closed major roads, and finally, mud slides.

I’m pleased to tell you that it’s over. Yesterday and today, it was clear. Although colder than usual — which translates into great powder for Oregon’s many ski resorts — the sun is shining again.

Speaking of snowboarding, skiing and other winter sports, did you know that The Fulton House is less than 90-minutes away from Mt. Hood, where skiers can really enjoy the slopes every day. Mt. Hood is also home to Timberline Lodge, a national treasure built by FDR’s Works Project Administration back in the Great Depression years. This gem of a lodge is on the National Register of historic places and showcases the output of the dozens of artisans who built it. It’s filled with hand-carved bannisters, an enormous fireplace, hand-hewn beams and rafters from native Douglas fir, and many other features. The lodge is a great place to sit down to a delicious lunch and then enjoy a beer while toasting in front of the fire.

The drive home to The Fulton House is on a U.S. Highway and then Interstate 84, so weather is not usually a problem. However, make certain your vehicle has studded snow tires, chains or other traction devices, just in case.

Once again, I’m happy to report that the bad weather has passed and we can welcome you to the great City of Portland. See you soon!