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Persimmons & Figs & Currents…O My!

Posted on November 11th, 2008 in Uncategorized.

Both the back and front yards of The Fulton House are planted with extensive gardens. Among the dozens of varieties of vegetables and flowers are a number of bushes and trees filled with tasty fruits. Let’s look at three which provide the main ingredients in scrumptious home-baked goods served to our guests.

First, persimmons, which grow on a tree in our front yard and are just ripening and about ready to pick right now. Wendy makes persimmon pudding, cake-like and sweet and delicious. Many, if not most, people have never been served this dish. This would include our son, who was offered a slice when he came home from college one break. He demurred, but I convinced him to try a bite. Three large pieces later, he was full, but whenever he returns home now he always asks for persimmon pudding if he knows they are in season. I promise you’ll love Wendy’s persimmon pudding.

Second, figs, which grow on two trees in our back yard. Figs are amazingly versatile and most people have snacked on Fig Newtons as kids. Wendy serves them sauteed in butter and sugar and placed in a small pool of raspberry coulis and cream. Incredibly delicious!

Finally, red currants, which grow on two bushes in our back yard. These berries are tart and, at The Fulton House, made into a sauce which is drizzled over rich New York Cheesecake. You’ll want seconds, but you’ll probably have to pass because this dish is extremely rich and filling..

The Fulton House gardens also produce strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blueberries, two varieties of cherries, eating grapes and golden gage plums.

All of these marvelous fruits are grown in our large yard, yet we’re only about four minutes from downtown Portland. Come stay with us and, depending on season, enjoy some of our home-grown fruits and berries, served fresh or in baked goods.

Oh, and by the way, we also serve the best breakfasts in town!