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Wonderful U-Pick Strawberries are Now Ready

Posted on June 20th, 2009 in Uncategorized.

While you are here visiting Portland you can also CHECK OUT SAUVIE ISLAND FOR WONDERFUL U-PICK FARMS and other exciting adventures. OUR FAVORITE U-PICK IS THE PUMPKIN PATCH– you can pick strawberries and eat them too.

Check out the link to Sauvie Island at or browse their information below.

What to See and Do
Sauvie Island has become a popular destination for a variety of people — those seeking the freshest and best produce; birdwatchers looking for sandhill cranes, bald eagles, blue herons, or migrating geese; and those wanting to hike, bike, fish, hunt, or use the public beaches.

Sauvie Island Wildlife Area

12,000 acres of land on the island have been preserved as the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area. Managed by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the wildlife area is a premier hiking, birdwatching, hunting, and fishing location. The area is open to the public mid-April through September and closed to hunting permit only over the wintering months.

In the fall and winter, the island hosts over 150,000 migratory ducks and geese. Other seasonal guests include bald eagles (winter), sandhill cranes (fall and spring), and tundra swans (fall). Permanent residents of the preserve include great blue heron, wood ducks, beavers, red foxes, black-tailed deer, and raccoons.

Hiking: The wildlife area is a perfect place to explore the local landscape on foot. Picnicking and other day-use activities are permitted as long as visitors obey the regulations in place to protect wildlife. Please respect the area by carrying all your garbage out. There is no drinking water available and only primitive restrooms. Also, there is no overnight camping.
All wildlife areas are open to the public from April 16 through September 30 each year.

Birdwatching: Conditions fluctuate with the seasons and migratory patterns. Late winter and early spring are excellent for viewing waterfowl. Bald eagles are usually spotted in the winter as they feed on the weaker waterfowl. Over 250 species of birds can be seen on the island throughout the year.

Hunting: A special permit is required for hunting on the island and is only available during designated seasons (usually late fall through winter). Bird hunting is enjoyed by 8,000 hunters annually. Regulations and permits change every year, so be sure to check with the Fish and Wildlife website before planning a hunting trip:

Fishing: The lakes on the island provide warm-water varieties of fish such as catfish, perch, and crappie. Due to water levels, fishing is best March through June. The Columbia and Willamette rivers offer salmon and steelheed fishing during open season. Regulations and permits change every year, so check with the Fish and Wildlife website before planning a fishing trip:

To park in the wildlife area, visitors must purchase a day permit ($3.50), which is available at Sam’s Market (Cracker Barrel Grocery) located at the foot of the Sauvie Island bridge or the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Portland Headquarters. Annual permits are also available.

Please follow guidelines for wildlife area usage as set forth by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife ( and respect the rights of local landowners.

Farms: U-Pick and Farm Stores

From the bridge, go north on Sauvie Island Road or south on Gillihan Road and you will find an array of U-pick choices. The most common U-pick items are fruits, berries, flowers, and pumpkins. If you have never experienced hand-picking peaches in an orchard, blackberries off a bush, or pumpkins from the vine – you are in for a special treat. Besides the pleasure of harvesting the most delicious foods and beautiful flowers, U-pick is also more economical than purchasing from the store.

If you don’t want to get into the fields, the local farm stores sell just about everything grown on the island. There are two primary farm stores – – – Kruger’s (located north of the bridge on Sauvie Island Road) and The Pumpkin Patch (located south of the bridge on Gillihan Road).
Both locations offer a superb selection of local staples and other delicacies.

Howell Territorial Park

Howell Territorial Park is located one mile north of the Sauvie Island bridge on NW Sauvie Island Road. The park includes 93 acres of beautiful land available to the public, including reservable picnic areas, an orchard, and the Bybee-Howell House (an authentically restored farmhouse built in the 1850’s).
The park is currently managed by Metro and welcomes visitors from sunrise to sunset. The house is not open for tours at this time.


Ride Tri Met #17 bus to Sauvie Island, or drive to the island and park your car at the parking lot located at the foot of the bridge. The most popular ride is the 12-mile loop around the lower end of the island comprised of Sauvie Island Road, Reeder Road, and Gillihan Road. There is a large tourist information map on the parking lot premises.

Although most bicyclists are quite respectful, the community of Sauvie Island would like to remind cyclists to obey traffic laws and courtesy signs. Bicyclists (and drivers) should be aware that this is an agricultural zone and that farm equipment on the road and tall crops alongside the road can present challenging biking and driving conditions.