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The Best Restaurants in Portland to Try in 2020

Best Restaurants in Portland to Try in 2020Are you looking for the best restaurants in Portland?  So are we! Over the past decade, Portland has earned itself a solid reputation as a foodie destination.  It’s a really exciting time to be living in or visiting Portland. There are new restaurants popping up all the time, offering a tantalizing variety of cuisine to choose from. From an incredible selection of food trucks to some of the finest dining in the Pacific Northwest, Portland’s restaurants certainly won’t disappoint.

Our Portland Bed and Breakfast is located in the southwest part of the city, one block from beautiful Willamette Park on the Willamette River. We are just minutes to downtown Portland, which makes it easy to enjoy the best of downtown Portland throughout the day and night, before coming home to a restful sleep at our relaxing Inn. Come see what sets us apart from the rest, and book a room at the Fulton House Bed and Breakfast today.

Our Guide to the Best Restaurants in Portland

You could probably ask 10 different people what their favorite restaurant in Portland is, and get 10 different answers. There are so many to choose from that it sometimes feels hard to narrow down the list to the Best Restaurants in Portland. That’s where we come in!  It’s not only our job to stay on top of the best things in Portland to send our guests to, but it something we also enjoy dining out at the best restaurants as well.

10 of the Best Restaurants in Portland to try in 2020Combine our experiences with those of our guests, the general buzz, and reviews, and you have a list of the best restaurants in Portland to try in 2020!  Give these restaurants a try, and let us know what you think!

  1. Ataula, located in Portland’s Pearl District, is owned and operated by chef Jose Chesa.  It’s a great place to enjoy tapas, and can best be described as a modern Spanish gastropub. One particularly buzz-worthy item to try from their incredible menu is the chorizo lollipops, which pairs nicely with a glass of their sensational sangria.
  2. If you’re looking for a refined dining experience, head to Restaurant St. Jack. This decadent French bistro includes classic dishes like steak frites, but also more complex menu items like their roasted bone marrow, which comes deliciously pair with caramelized onions and gooey gruyere cheese, or maybe a little foie gras butter slathered on some delicious bread.
  3. Vegans get to enjoy some of the best restaurants in Portland, too!  Head to Ichiza Kitchen in Goose Hollow for some delicious Asian-inspired dishes which are fully vegan. For something that’s as fun to look at as it is to eat, get a dish of their edible dumpling bunnies.  They are adorable!
  4. Spend the day browsing Powell’s Books, one of the most popular places to shop in Portland, then stop by the delightful Maurice, a quaint lunch spot near the bookstore.  It may look like a hole in the wall, but its menu choices will definitely surprise. It’s the perfect place for a leisurely lunch in the middle of your day in downtown Portland.
  5. If you’ve ever wanted to try an Argentinian Steakhouse, Ox is for you. Their menu seems simplistic on first glance, but look deeper and you’ll find incredible-sounding menu items like sweetbread “croutons” and smoked bone marrow clam chowder. If you happen to encounter a line, be patient and stay. It’s worth it!
  6. Have you long been curious about Portland’s food truck scene? There are a lot of great ones to try, but you can’t go wrong with Kee’s #Loaded Kitchen on MLK Boulevard. The smell of BBQ, fried chicken, or garlicky mac & cheese (or whatever else they serve up that day) emanating from the cart will have your mouth watering in seconds.
  7. Le Pigeon has found itself on many of the “Best restaurants in Portland” lists, and for good reason.  The chef here has one the James Beard Award twice with their delicious French cuisine, offering unusual takes on French classics like fennel Tater Tots and foie gras profiteroles.
  8. It may seem strange to you, but Russian food is undergoing some kind of revolution, and it’s caught on in Portland at local restaurant Kachka. The food might feel foreign to you, but it is undeniably delicious.
  9. It’s a pretty well-known fact that Portland loves sandwiches.  So, do as Portlandians do this year, and indulge in an incredible sandwich at Lardo (either location).  Throw caution to the wind when you’re there, and try their rotating “Chefwich.” They are all made in collaboration with top Portland chefs, so we don’t think you can go wrong.
  10. Any great list of restaurants should include an Italian restaurant. With that, we’d like to send you to Nostrana. They use only the best ingredients, and they use them simply.  It results in some of the best Italian food we’ve had outside of Italy.

It’s very hard to cap this list off at only 10 of the best restaurants in Portland, but if we didn’t, we’d be going on for days.  This is a great place to start.  Once you’ve worked your way through these, we’ll be happy to offer you another 10 incredible restaurants in this bustling foodie city!

Best Lodging in Portland

Breakfast at our Bed and Breakfast; the perfect addition to try the best restaurants in portlandThere are a lot of places to choose for lodging in Portland, some probably as unique as the city itself. But, we don’t think you’ll find anywhere comparable to the Fulton House Bed and Breakfast. Our historic home is located just one block from beautiful Willamette Park on the Willamette River, where you’ll find the picturesque Willamette Waterfront Greenway. Whether you are exploring downtown Portland, kayaking down the Willamette River, tasting local wines in the Willamette Valley, or visiting the Gorge and Mt. Hood, you’ll find that the Fulton House Bed and Breakfast is centrally located for all of it.

Moreover, each morning of your stay will start off with a gourmet breakfast; the perfect complement to a foodie vacation in Portland!  Come see what sets us apart from our competition.  Book your room at the Fulton House Bed and Breakfast today!


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