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Heirloom Apple Celebration–Hood River 10/23 & 24/2010

The Hood River County Fruit Loop Heirloom Apple Celebration – 

Remember when Grandma complained that “grocery store” apples today just aren’t the same as the ones that grew on her family’s backyard tree? She’s right. The Fruit Loop’s Heirloom Apple Celebration honors the “heirloom” or “classic” apples that have all but disappeared from commercial orchards producing large volumes of fruit that must store and travel well. Apple varieties must have existed 100 or more years to be considered heirlooms. Discover the wide range of flavors, colors, shapes and textures of more than 20 kinds of heirloom apples. Enjoy fresh-pressed apple cider, hard apple cider, apple cider donuts, desserts made with apples or cider, and much more.

10/23/10 – 10/24/10LOCATION:
Hood River Fruit Loop
35 mile scenic loop between Hood River and Mt. Hood
www.hoodriverfruitloop.com for locations
Around Hood River, OR

Always Something to Do in Portland, Oregon

Deschutes Brewery Street Fare

There is always something to do in Portland, Oregon.  Just check out the A&E section of the Oregonian, Willamette Week’s what’s happening, The Fulton House Blog or the  Travel Portland website.

The Deschutes Brewery Street Fare event from August 12 was great fun.  This event helped support the “Morrison Children & Family Services” which works towards restoring childhood, helps rebuilding families and strives for renewing hope.  

The Deschutes Brewery paired several Portland Food Carts with their brews.  For Only a $5 entry included 1st Food & Beer Taster and additional Food & Beer Tasters were $4.  What a great bargain with Street Food from Portland’s Best Food Carts, Live, local Mustic from Sally Ford & the Sounders and Outside & AgesandAges plus the featured Craft Beers from Deschutes Brewery. 

Here a few of the Food Carts which  included a food sample plus a featured Beer.  Pyro Pizza served a Margherita Pizza on wheat crust paired with Twilight Ale —  Garden State Meatball sliders with Sage Brush Pilsner — Oregon Ice Works a peach, strawberry or chocolate Black Butte Porter paired with Hop Henge Experimental IPA plus 7 other beers and food carts for the downtown area.

Check out our Facebook page for the video and  Look for our guests,  Ron & Chrissy from Rockaway, New Jersey enjoying the beautiful warm weather, the food & beers, the music and the street fare.Click Here

Cheese Blintzes w/Mixed Berry Sauce

It is the start of the berry season here in Portland, Oregon.  Strawberries are beginning to ripen even with all our recent rain and downpours.  Portland, Oregon has a plethera  of  U-pick Farms in both Multnomah & Clackamas counties where you will  find raspberries, gooseberries, currants, marionberries, and blueberries throughout the summer months. Here at the Fulton House Bed & Breakfast,  we also have our own fresh fruits in our backyard garden. 

Below you will find one of my favorite recipes that I prepare with my berries either with fresh picked berries or frozen.  This recipe comes from the “The Culinary Institute of America’s Breakfast & Brunches”  cookbook and is located on page 124 and 129.   This cookbook is one of my essentials here at the B & B.


Cheese Blintzes with Mixed Berry Sauce

You can bake the blintzes instead of cooking them in a skillet, as we’ve done over the tops of the blintzes. Bake at 400°F for about 15 minutes, or until bubbly and golden brown.
Makes 8 servings
24 Crêpes (recipe follows) 

1 cup farmer or pot cheese (if you can’t find farmer/pot cheese– I use Nancy’s organic cottage cheese small curd )

1 cup whole milk ricotta cheese

1 cup cream cheese, softened

¼ cup sugar

3 large eggs

¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

¼ teaspoon salt

4 tablespoons butter, or as needed

1. Make the crêpes and berry sauce. These can be made ahead. Let the crêpes return to room temperature while you make the filling if they have been refrigerated or frozen. Warm the sauce.

2. Combine the cheeses and sugar and beat with a wooden spoon until thoroughly blended. Add the eggs, vanilla, and salt and stir until smooth.

3. To assemble the blintzes spoon 2-3 tablespoons filling on the lower 1/3 of each blintz. Fold the bottom of the blintz over the filling then fold each of the remaining sides over to make a little package. Repeat with the remaining blintzes.

4. Melt 1 tablespoon butter in a skillet over medium-low heat. Arrange 6 blintzes at a time in the skillet seam side down and sauté until faintly brown and crisp, about 2 minutes. Turn the blintz and brown on the second side, another 2 minutes. Repeat with remaining blintzes, adding another tablespoon of butter for each batch, and serve with the warm berry sauce.

Mixed Berry Sauce

 Makes 2 cups

 1 ½ cups fresh or frozen raspberries 

1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

¾ – 1 cup sugar

1–2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

1. Combine 1 cup of the raspberries, 1 cup of the strawberries, ¾ cup of the blueberries, ¾ cup of the sugar, and 1 tablespoon of the lemon juice in a saucepan and bring to a simmer over medium heat.

2. Simmer until the sugar has dissolved, about 10 minutes. Taste the mixture and, if necessary, add more sugar. Continue to heat until any additional sugar is dissolved.

3. Puree the sauce with a blender or push it through a wire mesh sieve. Return the sauce to a simmer and adjust the flavor by adding additional lemon juice if necessary. Add the remaining ½ cup raspberries, ½ cup strawberries, and ¼ cup blueberries and simmer until the sauce is very hot.

4. The sauce can be served hot, warm or cold; it will thicken slightly when stored in the refrigerator, and keeps for up to 10 days. 


You may want to make a double batch of this master crêpe recipe so you can here. Coat a baking dish liberally with some of the butter and drizzle the rest 2 cups Mixed Berry Sauce (recipe follows)1 ½ cups fresh or frozen sliced strawberriestored in the refrigerator, and keeps for up to 10 days.freeze some to have on hand for a quick meal.

2 cups all-purpose flour

¼ cup sugar

½ teaspoon salt

2 cups milk

2 large eggs

1 tablespoon butter, melted

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

Melted butter or vegetable oil to coat pan, as needed

1. Sift the flour, sugar, and salt together into a mixing bowl. Make a well in the center of the flour mixture.

2. In a separate bowl, blend the milk, eggs, butter, and vanilla. Add the milk mixture to the flour mixture and stir by hand just until the batter is smooth. Let the batter rest in the refrigerator at least 1 and up to 12 hours before preparing the crêpes. Strain the batter if necessary to remove lumps before preparing the crêpes.

3. Heat a crêpe pan or small skillet over medium-high heat. Brush with melted butter. Pour about ¼ cup batter into the crêpe pan, swirling and tilting the pan to coat the bottom with batter. Cook until the first side is set and has a little color, about 2 minutes. Adjust the temperature under the pan if necessary. Use a thin metal or heatproof rubber spatula to lift the crêpe and turn it over. Cook on the other side until the crêpe is cooked through, 1 minute more.

4. Stack the crêpes to fill now, or refrigerate or freeze them and assemble them later.

Note: The thinner the crêpe the better, but don’t be discouraged if the first crêpe or two is a little uneven. With each crêpe, you’ll get better at gauging the right amount of batter and level of heat for your pan.

Culinary Institute of America: Day 5



 Boot Camps at the Culinary Institute of America

 Today the final day of “Boot Camp” Culinary Institute of America has arrived.  We have experienced so much in so little time from the “Pastry Boot Camp” to a basic course in Wine Tasting to Coffee & Tea Tasting,  and to Tempering Chocolate. This course has been an incredible experience!  It is much more than what was promised–It was intense at times, pushing the limits and I created amazing pastries and desserts you would find in a local patisseries.  I had a wonderful and fun-filled time with great people both instructors and fellow classmates.  If you have ever thought of attending the Culinary Institute of America, I say just as Nike states, “Just do It!”  You will never regret it! 

 I can’t wait to come back for my next course, “Breads.”

As the chef at the Fulton House Bed & Breakfast, I am always looking for quick, elegant and easy recipes for our breakfast.  One of my favorite cookbooks,

The Culinary Institute of America’s


contains over 175 new recipes from the World’s Premier Culinary College.  Several of my favorite recipes are:  Cheddar & Thyme Muffins page 43, Banana Nut Loaf page 47, Making English Muffins from Scratch!, Banana Pancakes with Blueberry Maple Syrup page 119, Cheese Blintzes with Mixed Berry Sauce page 129, and Garlic Cheese Grits page 172.  When my friend, Ann visits from Baton Rouge, Lousiana I make these for her.  She travels with her own Grits for breakfast each morning but these dazzle her. The Tabasco and the cayenne pepper give them a little kick! 

Add new life to your breakfast or brunches; pick up this cookbook at our local “Powell’s Book Store”,  the largest book store west of the Mississippi River. 

Bon Appetit! 

More pictures to follow in the coming weeks!

Places to Eat!


Try  a new restaurant near the Fulton House Bed & Breakfast  just on Macadam Avenue  in Portland, Oregon with “Soul Food Mississippi Style.”


If you like Ribs, Brisket, Catfish, Chicken and/or Pork Roast plus all the fixings this is the place for you! You can even get hush puppies and collard mustard greens!  They just relocated from Aloha to Portland.


Barbecue Restaurant
Baby Back Ribs • Barbecue Chicken

Snoop Doggs' Uncle Reo

Enjoy homemade Southern style barbecue chicken and baby back ribs at Reo’s Ribs in Portland, Oregon.  At Reo’s,  barbecue restaurant they serve hearty homemade entrees and soul food side. Their menu includes red beans & rice, yams, collard greens, fried okra and hush puppies. Traditional desserts, peach cobbler & more. Top all this off with freshly brewed Sweet Tea, a true Southern Specialty.

Add Reo’s Ribs to your list of places to eat during your next stay at the Fulton House Bed & Breakfast.  Stop in after a morning of walking in Willamette Park or an afternoon of biking riding to enjoy the finger lickin’ BBQ.

I can’t wait to go back to try the Fried Catfish!  One of my favorite southern dishes.

Puff the Magic Pastry!

Check here while reading this post!

Culinary Institute of America:  Day Three Production Assignments

PUFF the Magic PASTRY…

Preparation of Dough

Today was spent making puff pastry, butter cream, meringues, assembling and decorating our sponge cakes, and finishing our Fresh Fruit Tarts.  I am infatuated with puff pastry; and if I may say, my Fresh Fruit Tart was pretty magnificent as well and so simple.

PITHIVIER-- Ready for Baking--Filled with Almond Cream & Pastry Cream Filling

Puff Pastry--Fresh out of the Oven --Ready for Filling

My Fresh Fruit Tart made with 1--2-3- Cookie Dough and Pastry Cream sealed with Simple Syrup Apricot Glaze

Baking a product made from fresh made “puff pastry dough” is a moment of truth because it allows the baker to see the success or failure of his or her process in the preparation of the dough.  Precautions must be taken when working with puff pastry dough.  Every particle of the butter must be evenly distributed through the dough and all corners should be folded squarely.  The dough needs to rest 20-30 minutes between multiple foldings and rollings which means a long process to prepare.  And, you cannot allow the dough to warm during preparation so you must work quickly but carefully.   Also, the dough needs to rest 20-30 minutes before final baking to prevent shrinking.  And most importantly, do not “egg wash” cut edges of puff pastry or they will stick together and not rise. So many things to do and remember but it is so worth the time for you get such incredible professional looking products.

Shaping of Puff Dough For Danish -- Bake & Fill

Use the scraps for sticks--don't re-roll just trim to shapes desired!

At the Fulton House Bed & Breakfast, I often prepare Fruit Tarts as they are very easy way to highlight a bumper crop of berries from the farmers market here in Portland, Oregon.    My favorite recipe is a “Raspberry Cream Tart” of fresh berries, chocolate and macarpone cheese blended with fresh whipped cream, powdered sugar and vanilla which is then spread evenly over an almond shortbread crust.  This recipe and finished product is Exquisite!   It is simple and everyone raves about it!

Raspberry Cream Tart

Assembling & Decorating Sponge Cakes with Butter Cream…

Finished Sponge Cake decorated with toasted Almonds and Chocolates made from our Chocolate Making Demonstration

Wendy's Sponge Cake--Notice the scoring on the top to make cutting easier once you have completely finished your decorating!

Jess's Cake--Love the Abstract Chocolate Design!

That’s all for today! Returning to the Journey B & B for a “quick walk” on the grounds of the Vanderbilt Estate along the Hudson River. I probably should walk every square inch of the 600 acres to burn off all the calories I have eaten but that will be for another day.  I am just going to enjoy the scenery, soak in the beauty of the Hudson Valley and imagine what it must have been like to live and own an estate of such grand scale of the Vanderbilt Mansion.

Vanderbilt Mansion

Hudson River Valley from the Vanderbilt Estate


A Day of Discovery & New Friends

Cream Puffs & Eclairs

DAY TWO: Culinary Institute of America

At 6:15 am, I meet up with Jess, my production lab partner.  She loves writing, loves taking photographs, and she is an extraordinary person.  I am fortunate and thrilled to be working with her.  She like me has determination, endurance and stamina plus the understanding and mastery of techniques in order to complete our production work to the very best quality.  We might be the slowest in the class but our production work is excellent.   We make a perfect team possibly since we have both recently encountered great anguish in our lives and both of us seem to have the perseverance to overcome those difficulties.  Like me, she writes a food blog known as “Sweet Amandine” and you can catch her photos and posts at http://www.sweetamandine.com/ I am the Innkeeper at the Fulton House Bed & Breakfast in Portland, Oregon and now I write the B & B’s blog that you are currently reading.

Our morning lecture by Chef Joe was filled with information on Foaming, Creaming and Mixing Methods in preparation for our production of Pastry Dough, Sponge Cakes, Fillings and finishing our Cream puffs & Éclairs.  By the end of the day, we should be able to:  list the steps of the foaming method, differentiate between the three types of foaming methods, explain the purpose of warming the eggs and sugar, list the steps of the creaming method, and prepare sponge cake and tart dough.

We prepared 1-2-3 Cookie dough for Fresh Fruit Tarts, Mixed, Baked, and Cooled Sponge Cakes, prepared Butter Cookies, prepared Diplomat Cream and finished and plated our Crème Brulee, Crème Carmel, Bread Pudding, and Petit Pot de Crème, from Day One.   Wow, that was quiet a day and I am so full from sampling everything we make.

I don’t want to stop at the end of each day, I just want to keep going and going making pastries, pastries and more pastries.   But I must end this post to preview my Day Three readings so I can get to bed before midnight– for tomorrow is another busy day of Pastries.

Check out the pictures of our products.



Sponge Cake ready for freezing

Sponge Cake ready for the oven



Pastries, Pastries, and more Pastries!

Culinary Institute of America Hyde Park, New York


Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York

After months of anticipation, I have finally arrived for my “Culinary Experience of a Lifetime.”  A week-long culinary CIA“Boot Camp” entirely of pastries. Tomorrow morning at 6 am, I will walk into the pastry kitchen of The Culinary Institute of America, the world’s premier cooking school located in Hyde Park, New York.   A place where famous chefs like Anthony Bourdain, George Hirsch , Sara Moulton, Cat Cora, and an  archive of other outstanding chefs/graduates  have attended.

I arrived a day early to wander through campus, check-out where our classes will be held and locate the closest parking lot and space so I will avoid the 5:45 a.m. parking lot rush hour.  And to visit Historic Hyde Park’s two National Historic SitesPresident Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Home including the Presidential Library, museum,  Eleanor Roosevelt’s country cottage, Val-Kill; and to tour the Vanderbilt Mansion.

While I am away from the Fulton House Bed & Breakfast, I know that my trusted Innkeeper will be taking great care of my guests and seeing that everything runs smoothly.  On your next visit to Portland, Oregon be sure to stay  with us at the Fulton House to enjoy  sampling the wonderful pastries that I am adding to my repertoire.

Be sure to check back this week to read about my day, see pictures of my creations and gather some of our wonderful recipe we are using during our week-long Pastries “Boot Camp.”

Bon Appetit!

Wendy, Innkeeper

Fulton House Bed & Breakfast

Portland, Oregon

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