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Coming Event–Cinco de Mayo

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Dear Friends:

Thank you for joining us as we commemorate 25 years of the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta celebrating Family, Culture and Community at Tom McCall’s Waterfront Park!

The Cinco de Mayo Fiesta is a Five-day celebration that attracts 300,000 people to Waterfront Park each year. The Fiesta brings to Portland and all Oregonians the beautiful colors, cuisine, arts, music and folklore of Mexico and specifically, Guadalajara, Portland’s sister city.

The Cinco de Mayo Fiesta is the largest multi-cultural festival in Oregon and is one of the largest festivals held in Portland. Portland Guadalajara Sister City Association’s Cinco de Mayo Fiesta is among the largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the United States attracting thousands of people to Portland. The Cinco de Mayo Fiesta is a boost for tourism and supports our local, regional and global economies with hundreds of people who join us as guests from Portland’s sister city of Guadalajara as well as people from across Oregon and other states across our nation.

Unique to the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta is our ability to provide entertainment and activities for families and people of all ages. We will feature Pavilion Guadalajara artisans and jewelers from Guadalajara who will demonstrate their craft onsite and sell their wares. We have a busy and interactive children’s area and offer four days of high-energy fun entertainment.

On behalf of the Portland Guadalajara Sister City Association Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Steering Committee, contractors, sponsors and hundreds of volunteers, we welcome you to our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta 2009.


John Cardenas
Portland-Guadalajara Sister City Association

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