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Day Trip From Portland to Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls Near Portland OregonThough most things in Oregon, including our beautiful beaches and precious public parks, are closed right now, it doesn’t mean we can’t dream of trips to come later this summer. One such place you should consider heading to is Multnomah Falls. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Oregon, and it’s an easy day trip to make when you stay at our Portland Bed and Breakfast.

The Fulton House B&B is located just outside of downtown Portland, within easy reaching distance of many of the city’s top attractions. We’re also situated just blocks from the Willamette River and the river’s park system. Our Inn really does offer you the best of everything  Portland has to offer. But sometimes, we recognize the need to get out and experience more of this incredible area, and that means traveling to areas like the coastal beaches, Willamette Valley’s wine country, and the Columbia River Gorge where you’ll find attractions like Multnomah Falls.

When everything calms down this year, we know you’ll be looking for a place to get away from it all.  Book a room at the Fulton House Bed and Breakfast today!

What You Need to Know About Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Multnomah Falls is located in the Columbia River Gorge, approximately 30-45 minutes from our Portland Bed and Breakfast, and about halfway between Portland and Hood River. A visit to this incredible waterfall at any time of year will be one of the most memorable things you do in the Portland area. There is, after all, a reason that it’s the most visited natural recreation site in the entire Pacific Northwest. The falls itself stands at an impressive 611 feet of crystal clear and ice-cold that cascades down from Larch Mountain.

If you’ve never heard it, the Native Legend surrounding the creation of Multnomah Falls is a fascinating one. According to the lore, this beautiful waterfall was created to win the heart of a young princess and provide her with a hidden spot to bathe. Though the top portion of the falls is indeed visible from the highway, the lower portion is hidden and only viewable once you walk back to the viewing area.

Multnomah Falls Near Portland Oregon

The 611-foot Multnomah Falls is split into two different tiers; the first is 542 feet, and the second is a 69-foot drop. The best view of the upper part of the falls is from Benson Bridge, which spans the base of the top tier. It’s a spectacular sight to behold! Thankfully, the true beauty and power of the falls isn’t seasonal, like many of the west’s top waterfalls. There’s plenty of rainwater, an underground spring, and snow melts that keep the falls roaring throughout the year.

Though Multnomah Falls itself is the main attraction in the area, there’s also a historic lodge worth visiting. The Multnomah Falls Lodge was built in 1925, and today houses a gift shop, restaurant, and US Forest Service Information Center. There are other hikes in the area worth doing if you have time and want to explore more of this area!  For example, leaving Benson Bridge you can hike one mile up to reach the top of the falls.  The trail is steep, though, so make sure you have good footwear and are in good enough shape the manage the trip. At the top, breathtaking views of the Columbia River Gorge await.

Other hikes in the Multnomah Falls area include nearby Wahkeena Falls. It stands impressively at 240 feet and can be accessed via a hiking trail directly outside the lodge. The trail is only 0.5 miles. From here, there’s also a steep one-mile trail that leads up to the top of these falls, where you’ll again find incredible views, far fewer people, and seasonal wildflowers if you’re lucky.

Multnomah Falls Near Portland Oregon

Getting to Multnomah Falls From our Portland Bed and Breakfast

There are actually three ways to get to Multnomah Falls. The route we recommend the most takes you on I-84, where you’ll then exit on the Troutdale exit.  At this point, you’ll follow signs to the Scenic Loop Drive, which will take you a little bit more than an hour. This drive winds it’s away along the old Columbia River Highway, which was actually the first road of its kind to be named a National Historic Landmark. Along the way, you’ll encounter breathtaking views of not just the Columbia River Gorge, but of Mount Hood as well.  There are also a number of stunning waterfalls to visit along the way.

If you’re short on time, head down I-84 to exit 31. It’s the most direct route, taking only 30 minutes, and will lead you straight to the Multnomah Falls parking area. You could also exit a couple of miles earlier at exit 28, and make a pitstop at Bridal Veil Falls, while only adding 15 minutes to your drive time.

The perfect day trip to this sensational waterfall begins with a stay at our historic Bed and Breakfast.  While Oregon may be closed temporarily, it will soon be open and begging to be explored. Plan for the future, and book your room at our Portland Bed and Breakfast today.



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