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Sunday Parkways News


Opening streets, connecting our communities- without traffic!

NE Sunday Parkways
May 16th, 10AM-3PM

N Sunday Parkways
June 27th, 10AM-3PM

East Sunday Parkways
July 18th, 10AM-3PM

SE Sunday Parkways
August 15th, 10AM-3PM

NW Sunday Parkways
September 26th, 10AM-3PM

Sunday Parkways are seven-eight mile “temporary parks” along city streets connecting neighborhoods and residents in Portland. Sunday Parkways started in 2008, modeled after the Ciclovias project in Bogota, Columbia which happens every Sunday to close 70 miles (!!) of streets for community activity. In 2008 there was just one event in Portland, but it was huge. So in 2009 we added two more events for a total of three Sunday Parkways. Again the response was overwhelming – and we’re excited to announce that this year there will be FIVE Sunday Parkways events!

For more information about Sunday Parkways, see our website or call Janis McDonald at 503-823-5358.

PLAN FOR A FULL SUMMER OF FUN AND MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS AT THE FULTON HOUSE BED & BREAKFAST LOCATED RIGHT OFF OF SW BIKE TRAIL NUMBER 4 NEAR WILLAMETTE PARK. We even have a HOT TUB to soak your sore muscles after a long day of biking along the Willamette River and beautiful parks in Portland, Oregon. We even have an enclosed locked sunporch to store your bikes.

Plan to come to all five Sunday Parkways this summer – each one will have its own neighborhood flair with cultural groups, activities and restaurants fron the neighborhood. Sunday Parkways is a great way to get outside with your friends, neighbors and family to spend time in your own neighborhood – or explore other neighborhoods. If you’re reading this newsletter, chances are good that you’ve already been to a Sunday Parkways. So, this year, how about bringing someone along for a great day in Portland? Invite along a coworker, bring your neighbors, offer to chaperon kids from your neighborhood, invite your parents to town and hang out with friends.

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