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Rex Winder and Georgia Wilcox are delighted to take over the stewardship of Fulton House Bed and Breakfast. Wendy Fencsak has left us a well established, socially and environmentally conscious historical landmark that is an integral part of our community. We hope that you will take a day or a week to enjoy the beauty that both is, and surrounds, the Fulton House Bed And Breakfast. 

Kevin Waring, Manager of the Fulton House Bed & Breakfast, has been in the travel industry for 35 years. Kevin began his career in the industry as a vacation/leisure agent and then became a corporate agent/manager for some of the most esteemed entertainment, financial, and fashion companies in America. After falling in love with Portland and the Fulton House B&B, he moved permanently to Portland in 2014 and now enjoys the face-to-face interaction with travelers at the B&B.

Kevin’s for passion of hospitality, food, cooking and Portland contributes to a most pleasant stay for our guests while visiting!

Come join us for your next exciting visit to Portland, Oregon.

History of the Fulton House B & B

The Fulton House Bed & Breakfast is one of Portland’s premiere bed and breakfasts. The Fulton House B&B is a 4-room lodging establishment that offers guests a unique, comfortable, and personal experience in Portland, OR with overnight accommodations; and a gourmet breakfast served each morning in our formal dining room.

The Fulton House B&B is a perfect place for the romantic getaway, adventurous travelers, those wanting to “live like a local,” business travelers, and/or for guests seeking a relaxing escape into the heart of the city.

Originally, the Fulton House B&B was in the small town of Fulton, which was annexed by its larger neighbor, Portland. One block from the Fulton House B&B sits the old Fulton Post Office (cc 1894), which today is a building that contains two small shops. In the area, there is Fulton Park and the local microbrewery, the Fulton Pub, built on land previously owned by the old Fulton Dairy. Several of the larger homes in the area, like the Fulton House B&B, still exist.

The Fulton House B&B, built in the late 19th century, originally served as a bordello floating in the Willamette River. Around 1902, the house was placed on logs and dragged one block west up the hill to its present location, a lot owned by Joseph Weber, who was a local tanner who owned the entire block. The Weber Tannery was the largest tannery on the Northwest Coast in 1894 and operated until 1945.

One block east of the Fulton House B&B is Macadam Avenue, which today is a major thoroughfare but was the first black-topped road out of downtown Portland; in the eastern U.S., roads are paved with “macadam,” not with blacktop (many of Portland’s early residents came from the eastern part of the country). Macadam Avenue was built to give Portland businessmen and politicians easy access to the bars, gambling houses, and bordellos, which lined the Willamette River within the present-day Willamette Park.

Come explore our historic neighborhood and all it has to offer!

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